Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A Wedding Cake to Remember

This week is definatley one to remember. It not only has been one of the busiest cake decorating weeks but also one of the most rewarding cake decorating experiences we have had. It is not often that you get a weddding cake order that uses more than 15kg of cake mix, over 200 hours to create and requires approximately 1500 handmade sugarflowers.

The 1500 sugar flowers were definately one of the key components to this design . Lydia handmade all of these and her secret to success was not only her talent but also creating them from fondant as apposed to modelling paste. Like most cake decorators we have been using modelling paste/gumpaste to create our sugar flowers for years however sometimes the paste can be overly sticky to work with and some batches fail to set properly. Lydia found that using fondant mixed with the clear gel worked really well and the sugar flowers all set perfectly even in all this humidity. We are extremely happy with how it all turned out!

Please feel free to send us any questions on the making of this cake design

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Cake Decorating tools used for creating these flowers:

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