Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Clikstix in Action

We created the details on this cake by using a few of our Clikstix tools and wanted to share the results.
We would have to say that our decorating time was halved by using the Clikstix, especially when creating the cherry blossoms. We were able to cut approx. 15- 20 cherry blossoms at one time instead of individually cutting each one.

In order to get the added dimension to the Blossoms we used a petal pad and a balling tool.  We placed the blossoms on the petal pad once they had been ejected from the Clikstix. Then used the balling tool to gently press in the centre of the blossoms to pop up the sides.  It helps if you add some Tylose powder to your fondant before using so that the Blossoms will set and hold their shape.
The Bithday message was created using the Script Font and again they were so easy to use. The back ejector really allows the letters to be released without difficulty. The key to using the Script Clikstix is to make sure that your fondant is a thin as possible and you leave the fondant to dry a little before cutting the letters.

We highly reccommend the Clikstix and are happy to answer any questions about this great product:)

Happy Decorating,
Aimee & Lydia