Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Decorating Christmas Cakes

We have had a lot of fun decorating our Christmas Cakes this year and we thought we would share a few of our handy Christmas cake decorating tips.
One of our favourite designs is our Christmas Tree Cake design. It is a great one for all levels of cake decorators and there is so much you can do with it!

 In order to create this cake you will need;
  1. Pre-Baked round cake (the size and flavour can be anything you wish. We recommend a mud cake or traditional fruit cake. We have a list of recipes on our website at
  2. MDF Round Cake Board (use a size to suit the size of your cake. We have used a 12inch cake board for a 9inch round cake).
  3. Valerie White Side Edger and Top smoothers- These are the best Cake smoothers to use for achieving a professional and smooth finish on your cakes.
  4. Clay/Craft Gun- This will be used to create the twisted rope effect around the base of the cake.
  5. Red Coloured Fondant- We suggest using the Red Powder Colour to achieve the best colour and consistency. Alternatively you can mix Cake Arts' Red Plastic icing with Bakels Pettinice Fondant.
  6. Green Coloured Fondant- We suggest using Wilton Leaf Green colour paste for colouring the fondant. Alternatively you could mix Cake Arts' green plastic icing with White Bakels Pettinice Fondant to achieve a workable consistency and colour.
  7. A Foam Cone- Can be found at most craft stores. This will be used for the Christmas tree so the size of the cone can be chosen based on the size of your cake.
  8. Green Coloured Royal icing- To cover the foam tree cone. We have a Royal icing recipe on our website.
  9. Spatula- to spread the royal Icing on the foam cone.
  10. Bow Cutter- This cutter is the best for making bows. You simply cut out the shape and it folds neatly into a bow.
  11. Clear Gel- To add to the fondant to harden it for the Presents, Bows and Teddy Bear
  12. 6mm Silver Cachous- For the Beaded string look around the Christmas Tree
  13. Colourful Sugar Confetti- As the little baubles around the Tree
  14. Piping Tips and Bag- to add any fine details to the design
All of these useful cake decorating supplies are available through our online supplies store and can be shipped Australia Wide!

Handy Hints for Making the Cake

Covering the Cake
  1. You can cover the cake and the Board at the same time. It is simple to do and will create a consistent look.
  2. Roll out your pre coloured red fondant to the size required for covering your cake and board in one go then drape over the top of your cake.
  3. Once draped over the cake smooth the fondant down and around the cake sides using the Valerie white side edger.  Then run the smoother around the base board to smooth it down and around the cake board.
  4. Take a craft knife and run it around the edge of the board to remove excess fondant.
Decorating the Christmas tree
  1. Stick the foam cone to the cake using your pre made Royal Icing (Royal consistency needs to be semi firm).
  2. Take your pre coloured green royal icing and spread it all over the foam cone using your decorating spatula.
  3. While the icing is still wet stick on the 6mm silver cachous to the tree, creating a circular pattern around and down the cake.
  4. Then stick on your pre made bows as well as the little coloured icing confetti drops. 
Making the Presents & Twisted Rope
  1. Mix some red and green fondant with the clear gel so that the presents set firm.
  2. Model the fondant in to little red and green cubes and place some bows on the tops.
  3. You can add any design to the presents. We simply piped little dots on some.
  4. Take your Craft Gun and insert some red fondant first. Use the design disc that has the medium whole in it. Squeeze out the fondant into a long strip. Repeat this step using green fondant.
  5. Twist the two colours together to achieve a rope effect and place around the base of the cake.
We hope that these tips have been helpful. We would love to see your Christmas Creations!

Happy Decorating and Merry Christmas!

Aimee & Lydia :)

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